Safeguard our integrity

Being a good corporate citizen involves ensuring that the organisation acts in an ethical manner that is free from corruption.   

Vattenfall believes that competition plays a decisive role for a market to function effectively and has a zero tolerance policy with respect to bribery and corruption. Vattenfall requires that all employees take personal responsibility to act in accordance with the company's ethical guidelines, which are laid out in the Vattenfall Code of Conduct. Tailor-made trainings and e-learning tools have been developed to support these ambitions. Executive management and employees who have extensive contact with our competitors are required to participate in the Vattenfall Integrity Programme (VIP). The VIP includes both e-learning and instructor-led training with the purpose of raising the level of awareness, ensuring the employees understand the integrity standards Vattenfall expects of them, and ensuring a common compliance culture throughout the Group.

Our strategy

Ensure that everyone in the Group acts in an ethical manner that is in line with our Vattenfall Code of Conduct.

Our targets

All relevant employees and managers should have completed the VIP training or the online courses on Integrity.

Achievements 2017

  • Integrity training and education: More than 3,000 employees completed the Code of Conduct e-learning training in 2017. Approximately 700 employees attended the VIP in 2017, corresponding to nearly 2,500 hours of training.
  • Awareness and monitoring: It is the responsibility of every manager to lead by example and to ensure that their team members understand our core values. More than 400 managers complete the Vattenfall Integrity Survey every year. Based on the survey responses and various interviews, a range of activities may be initiated, such as the monitoring compliance with our governing rules or providing tailor-made information material.
  • Incidents: A total of 47 integrity-related incidents were reported in 2017, of which fifteen led to disciplinary action. None of the incidents in 2017 were related to antitrust/competition issues. Most of the incidents were reported internally. All reported incidents and violations are evaluated and subject to a lessons-learned process to ensure continuous improvement within the company.

Challenges we have (still the case)

To adapt Vattenfall's Integrity organisation and the existing work processes to the company's new organisational structure while maintaining a high level of quality and results.

Our planned activities

An entirely new Code of Conduct is currently being drafted and will be introduced in 2018. Substantial awareness activities will take place in connection with the launch of the new Code. Vattenfall will continue to conduct risk assessments related to integrity. Accordingly, Vattenfall will continue its work to raise awareness within the company through training and communication, to ensure compliance with the rules in these areas.


Last updated: 2018-04-04 10:24