Greenfield is a platform which brings together people with promising business ideas both within and outside Vattenfall, and helps you put your ideas into practice and integrate them at Vattenfall. In doing so, we wish to develop new business models and offers more rapidly for our customers and organise our everyday operations more efficiently.

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About Greenfield

The energy sector is experiencing some fundamental changes. These changes pose significant problems for the energy industry – but they may also lead to groundbreaking ideas. We want to make this fresh start in the open countryside, where new approaches can be tested and developed.

We are convinced that both sides are needed to make this change a success: quick, dynamic startups with innovative business ideas combined with the expertise and resources of an experienced company. These are the different worlds which greenfield aims to brings together. We are the single point of contact for linking startups with the right people in the company and providing the 'large, anonymous corporation' with a contact for new business ideas.



We are looking for startups with business ideas from the following sectors:

Renewable energies and energy storage

  • Onshore & offshore wind power (development, financing, operation and commercialisation)
  • Photovoltaics and batteries
  • Alternative storage technologies and flexibility options

Customer contact

  • Customer access and marketing for renewable energies
  • On-site customer services (configuration, installation, operation and maintenance of solar systems and batteries)
  • Customer relationship management (contact and contract management, energy data processing, invoicing, business processes for supplying electricity to customers)

Big energy data

  • All forms of data analysis (for example predictive maintenance, data analytics, simulation tools, blockchain)
  • B2B concepts
  • B2C concepts (beyond the smart home)

Selection criteria

  • The business model is relevant to the above-mentioned areas
  • The business model is scalable
  • The founding team comprises at least two members
  • The startup is interested in cooperation models
  • The first euro should be earned/saved together within three years of working together
    (Time to market of max. three years)



We offer startups access to

  • Expertise from all areas of the energy value chain
  • Industry contacts at partner companies, suppliers, authorities and all relevant stakeholders
  • Private and business customers
  • Our core markets (Sweden, England, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany)
  • Individual coaching and training
  • Resources for developing the business model
  • Energy assets and data
  • Professional PR support
  • A tailored partnership on an equal footing

The implementation takes place in three steps:

Step one - Economic and technical feasibility check

Step two - Joint preparation of a prototype

Step three - Partnership on an equal footing




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