About green:field

The energy industry is undergoing a fundamental revolution and it is particularly important to develop digital business models for renewable energies that are based on strong concepts.

In today's world, companies like Vattenfall need a desire for innovation and an interest in experimentation, not just in their employees, but also from strong partners in the start-up scene. Vattenfall is therefore developing new business ideas in collaboration with external start-ups and has launched the green:field start-up platform.

This will be a way for Vattenfall to gain access to new technologies and business models. We will achieve this in three different ways: strategic partnerships, development of internal start-ups and co-creations (joint start-ups between Vattenfall and partners). We are also offering access to investments.

We want to be a start-up and innovation platform

Our vision is to provide the best possible support to Europe's most innovative start-ups in implementing and scaling their business ideas – with Vattenfall at their side as a strong, strategic partner.

We will achieve this by linking new technologies and ideas from start-ups with Vattenfall's existing expertise and resources to create synergies that lead to successful business models, which will in turn lead to success in the digital energy market. On this basis, our basic principle is:
Let´s do business. Together.

Our goal: gain access to new technologies and business models

Fresh approaches and ideas directly "from the front line" constitute an important resource for Vattenfall.

Therefore, green:field offers start-ups a fast way to make their ideas heard – without a lot of red tape – which enables direct access to the energy market and its experts. In return, Vattenfall not only benefits from the dynamic, agile and creative culture of start-ups – it has also recognized that the radical change in the energy market and digitalization urgently require new business models. Continuous development of new technologies is a key success factor for the future viability of a company during the energy revolution.

We don't want to buy any solutions – we want to work with partners to develop new technologies and business models for our core business, where our customers are the focus and new ideas can be brought to the market quickly and successfully.

Our culture and values

Our goal is to meet start-ups on the same level. But what exactly does this mean?

We are aware that Vattenfall has experienced great success in the energy industry in the past and that we can offer partners genuine added value. But we also know that our partners can give just as much back to us.

The energy revolution and digitalization in the industry represent huge challenges for us and it is best if we work together to achieve our goals. We therefore look forward to opportunities to share our knowledge and learn as well.

Openness and the ability to handle criticism by all partners involved form the foundation of all of our partnerships, as well as a clear understanding of shared values.

For green:field, the following is of particular importance

An individual partnership ...

 ... and the provision of sufficient resources.

Green:field provides budgetary and temporal resources for and during the partnership, for example, for the implementation of pilots and MVPs or as the first paying customer.

Entrepreneurship ...

... and agile management.

With its short decision-making processes, green:field offers individual support, which is characterized by flexibility, agile decision-making, an entrepreneurial mindset and agile management.



Courage ...

... and a willingness to push beyond boundaries.

Green:field enables risk tolerance because in order to discover the unknown, you must take higher risks. Even if every path does not lead to success.



Focus ...

 ... on business-relevant results and a long-term, successful collaboration.

To this end, we carry out regular, honest assessments of the business model for each venture in our portfolio. This may mean that projects or business models that do not reach the agreed KPIs are stopped or refocused, but it also means that teams with promising projects can be supported even more effectively.

You ...

... and your passionate commitment.

For green:field, it is not about marketing or external effects, but about joint success through hard work, growth and a clear, mutual commitment to schedules and budgets.

We are here for you and we will find the contact person for you

Juliane Schulze

Founder and leader of the green:field open innovation platform
At Vattenfall, I manage Business Development for renewable energies. With my teams, I develop new business areas in various countries to make Vattenfall ready for the future.

Florian Grossmann

Venture developer and bridge builder at green:field

I help green:field's innovation projects grow and I build strong partnerships with Vattenfall's business areas. This enables us to combine the innovative power of new technologies and digital business models with Vattenfall's expertise, resources and market access.

Julian Sandbrinck

Start-up scout and blockchain expert with green:field

As a start-up scout, I search the market for interesting start-ups and technologies in the field of renewable energies in order to develop successful collaborations in which both partners profit from each other. I put a particular focus on the potential of blockchain technology.

Charlotte Behm

Marketing Manager and bush telegrapher

As the Marketing and Event Manager, I support all communications events for green:field – internally and externally. I develop communications concepts and strategies, plan events and also support our start-ups, when needed, in the successful promotion of their offers.

Henrik Helmer

Senior Advisor Digital

At Vattenfall, as an experienced business development manager, entrepreneur, member of the advisory board and founder, I am responsible for co-creation, where we establish start-ups and develop them together with other companies. One of my tasks involves the management of the interfaces between external partners and Vattenfall Staff Functions, such as Legal, M&A, Finance and Management.

Ralf Lauterbach

Senior Advisor and Mentor for the green:field open innovation platform

At Vattenfall, as an experienced entrepreneur, member of the advisory board and founder, I support our start-ups in all matters related to business processes, strategy, organizational development and evolution, as well as the personal development of Management.



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