Our collaboration with external startups

Our corporate startups



Our collaboration with external startups. 


Caterva GmbH offers the Caterva-sun, a solar power battery in household size with an optimal combination of self-consumption and connectivity as well as the newly developed caterva-energy management for virtual large storages.

More about Caterva (in German)


GridSingularity enables a blockchain-based platform for interoperable e-applications in the energy market.

Read more about GridSingularity





Solandeo offers operators of renewable energy systems the most cost effective solution to meet the technical requirements for direct marketing.

Read more about Solandeo (in German)


Lumenaza - the utility-in-box software solution for the new energy world.





EnC's goal is to offer sustainable energy solutions for everyday life. They combine high quality, longevity, sustainability and good design with a price that will also be affordable in less well-off regions

Our corporate startups


Battery Storage

Vattenfall battery storage

The Vattenfall energy storage system offers significantly more capacity than most conventional storage systems, allowing customers to more effectively optimize their own consumption and lower energy costs as much as possible. If the entire battery capacity is not needed, you can make a further contribution to the energy transition by stabilizing the electricity grid.

Our partners


Cavalry Ventures is a fund that focuses on investments in the early stages, primarily in the DACH region. In addition to capital and active support with fundraising, Cavalry also provides operational added value and access to an international network.



FACTOR10 is a digital advisory & company builder company. On the basis of their many years of experience in structuring, monetizing and market positioning of business models, they are developing new digital business models in partnership with established companies.

Factor10 (PDF 18 MB)

Solarpraxis Neue Energiewelt

Helping to shape the energy transition and a pioneer in the solar sector, Solarpraxis is involved with markets, business models and political conditions. It positions itself as a knowledge service provider and contact platform, as well as a source of inspiration for change.

Solarpraxis Neue Energiewelt (in German)

Start Up Energy Transition

Start Up Energy Transition is a global initiative for visionaries and innovators in the fight against climate change. Through the creation of a platform with a clear focus on the scaling of innovations, it would like to strengthen the existing ecosystem with innovations in the field of sustainable energy solutions.

Start Up Energy Transition 


Pöyry is an international consulting and engineering company that offers a comprehensive range of services with integrated solutions throughout the entire project life cycle.

Pöyry (in German)


Octorank is a platform where competitions and tenders are organized. Users of the platform can view, track and participate in competitions and tenders on the platform.


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