Here you can find an overview of our current startup partners.

Startup cooperation


GridSingularity enables a blockchain-based platform for interoperable e-applications in the energy market.

Read more about GridSingularity


Solandeo offers operators of renewable energy systems the most cost effective solution to meet the technical requirements for direct marketing.

Read more about Solandeo (in German)

Our corporate startups


The Vattenfall startup GreenHaus is based in Berlin. On the platform private households get 3 offers and an independent and individual consulting to produce their own green energy.

Read more about GreenHaus (in German)


SunBESSy is a highly innovative battery system for photovoltaic systems. It can not only optimize energy consumption but also stabilize the energy grid. Therefore customers may benefit twice from it, while additionally contributing to an eco-friendly energy market.

Watch a video about SunBESSy


EnC's goal is to offer sustainable energy solutions for everyday life. They combine high quality, longevity, sustainability and good design with a price that will also be affordable in less well-off regions

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