High performing operations

Vattenfall will continue to focus on improving cost and capital efficiency and to pursue financial partnerships in order to be able to invest and transform.

Strong and sustainable financial performance is a fundamental precondition for Vattenfall's ability to transform to more sustainable consumption and production.

Strong performance

Our ambition is to be a company with strong and sustainable financial performance, which entails strengthening the balance sheet, reducing operational costs, continuously reviewing the investment plan in order to finance the transformation. Active pursuits of financial partnerships will play a key role in our future growth.

Operational excellence

Compared to the cost base in 2010, we have already cut our annual costs by approximately 30%, but will continue our efforts to reduce operational costs to finance the transformation. Among other measures, we are looking at opportunities to outsource parts of the administration and IT operations to external service providers. We will continuously work to optimise working capital and cash flow from operations.

Furthermore, processes within the whole company will continue to be sharpened and streamlined in an effort to achieve further savings.

Sustainability focus area

The sustainability focus area is "Responsible sourcing and purchasing" as the value chain covers not only Vattenfall's own operations, but also its suppliers, exposing Vattenfall to risks that are outside of the company's direct control.
Responsible sourcing and purchasing 

Last updated: 2016-04-19 09:13