High performing operations

A high performing operation is a prerequisite for realising the transition free from fossil fuels.

Free-up the financial means

Vattenfall continues to focus on improving cost and capital efficiency, redirect investments and pursue financial partnership, to free-up financial means essential to realise the transition to further electrification and renewable energy system. To secure a high performing and agile operation, in which sustainability is fully embedded, digitalisation is a key enabler.

A shift towards growth investments in renewables (PDF 214 kB)

Strong performance in the supply chain

A high performing operation means high sustainable performance throughout the value chain, on both sourcing of fuels and procurement of goods and services. With approximately 25,000 suppliers this is a challenge, which we fulfil through direct engagement with key suppliers and through our connections in society.

Resource efficiency

Responsible sourcing and purchasing

Last updated: 2018-04-19 16:05