Resource efficiency

Improving resource efficiency generates positive environmental effects and leads to lower costs for Vattenfall. 

Improved efficiency leads to lower costs per produced kWh of electricity and thereby improves Vattenfall’s competitiveness while at the same time resulting in lower emissions per kWh of generation.

Our strategy

Lower costs and improve competitiveness through more efficient use of resources.

Our targets

  • Reduce use of primary energy by 1,000 GWh cumulatively between 2016 and 2020.
  • Example of regional or local targets:
    – Phase out all hazardous chemicals in the Nordic market, where technically feasible, by 2020. 

Example of achievements 2016

The increase in annual energy savings – 330 GWh – consisted mainly of measures such as upgrades of nuclear and hydro power plants and by exchanging local boilers with district heating.

Energy efficiency improvement

Item title GWh
2016 330
2017 511
Target 2020 1000

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Challenges we have

  • Develop and adopt Group-wide targets that are relevant for both the environment and the business.
  • Find less environmentally harmful alternatives to replace hazardous chemicals without jeopardising safety and functionality.

Our planned activities

Work on improving efficiency in Vattenfall’s use of resources will continue. Methods will be developed for using ash in accordance with the waste hierarchy principles. Handling of radioactive waste will continue in a responsible manner. A study of water use will be conducted to identify potential improvements in the German and Dutch operations.

Last updated: 2018-04-19 16:07