Fuel sourcing

Vattenfall aims to set and maintain high standards on its fuel sourcing. This is a long-term endeavour with continuous improvement at its core. Different fuels present different challenges but we always act systemically with our long-term goals in mind.


Vattenfall has several power and heat plants that fully or partially operate on bioenergy. We source biomass for our own plants and trading purposes.
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Hard coal

Vattenfall buys coal on the global market for usage in our own power plants and for trading purposes. In 2016, we sourced 7 million tons of hard coal for usage in our hard-coal fired power stations.
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Vattenfall is the majority owner for seven nuclear power reactors in Sweden (four in Ringhals, three in Forsmark) for which uranium is procured.
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We apply the following approach ensure responsibility in our sourcing:

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