Procurement - biomass

Vattenfall aims to set and maintain high standards on its fuel sourcing. This is a long-term endeavour with continuous improvement at its core. Different fuels present different challenges but we always act systemically with our long-term goals in mind.

Issues relating to biomass include:

  • Greenhouse gas emission savings achieved through the use of biomass, including emissions occurring in the supply chain.
  • Environmental impacts of cultivation including impacts on biodiversity, carbon stocks, soil and air quality.
  • Social impacts of cultivation including land rights issues, working conditions and potential competition with local subsistence uses of the biomass in developing countries.

Since we intend to increase the share of biomass in our operations, it is critical to manage the risks in the biomass supply chain. Knowledge on biomass sustainability is continuously evolving and we are continuously updating our biomass sourcing policies accordingly.

Vattenfall supports legally binding EU criteria for the sustainability of biomass. Vattenfall is a founding member of the Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP), established in 2013. SBP is a certification system designed for woody biomass, mostly in form of wood pellets and woodchips, used in large thermal power plants.

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Last updated: 2019-01-08 13:14