Vattenfall has an ambition of zero accidents and no work-related ill-health. This includes contractors and sub-contractors working on behalf of Vattenfall. Contractors and subcontractors are important sources of competence and manpower. They are part of our daily operations.

In order to achieve the ambition of zero accidents and no work-related ill-health, all contractors and subcontractors working at Vattenfall's plants and facilities receive necessary health and safety information. The content and the extent of instructions and training depend on the circumstances.

Preventive health and safety measures cover significant hazards related to our facilities, plants and processes, and are adapted to the national legal requirements of the specific plant or facility. Vattenfall's health and safety policy states that the personnel of contractors shall be treated in the same way as our own employees with respect to health and safety issues.

Construction projects contain particular health and safety risks. In order to maintain a safe work environment and proper behaviour we have set up special procedures. On all new construction projects:

  • All contractors get initial information and induction.
  • Training programmes are specifically designed for each construction site.
  • All contractors working at the site need to have a health and safety management system.

Agreeing to the Code of Conduct for Suppliers

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers also covers contractors and subcontractors. They must comply with the Code as well as respective countries' health and safety legislation. They must ensure that employees that are going to work for Vattenfall have undergone necessary health and safety training.

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Last updated: 2016-03-24 11:06