Environmental policy and management

We are committed to reduce our environmental footprint. We believe continuous improvement of environmental performance in all parts of our operations is a prerequisite for sound business development. 

Environmental considerations are part of our daily operations, and our performance builds on the contribution of all our employees.

Our environmental policy

We provide sustainable energy solutions and services for our customers and business partners to help them reach their environmental ambitions. Through growth in renewable energy, efficient operations, electrification and innovation, we contribute to society becoming fossil free.

We commit to become climate neutral

  • We will be fossil free within one generation.
  • We actively cooperate with our suppliers, customers and partners to reduce emissions in the full value chain. To find new and better solutions we continuously challenge the way we work.
  • We believe electrification and innovation are fundamental in building a sustainable society and we contribute to the change.

We commit to the protection of nature and biodiversity

  • We conduct environmental management in accordance with the precautionary principle and include environmental aspects early in decision-making.
  • We strive to avoid and minimise impacts on environment and ecosystems from our operations. Where impacts cannot be fully avoided or mitigated, we consider potential compensation and restoration measures.
  • We engage with stakeholders and conduct research and development to build knowledge and reduce impacts.

We commit to sustainable use of resources

  • We will contribute to the transition to a circular economy.
  • We work to optimise use of resources such as energy, fuel, raw materials, waste, by-products, water and land in all operations, and to avoid use of hazardous chemicals.
  • We consider resource efficiency already in the design phase, choose Best Available Technologies and continuously work to reduce environmental impacts based on a life-cycle perspective.

Environmental management system

Vattenfall's environmental policy is valid throughout the entire Vattenfall Group and provides the basis for the environmental management system. Vattenfall complies with legal and other requirements and fulfils commitments. Environmental considerations are fully integrated in Vattenfall's strategy, decision processes and steering. Vattenfall's CEO, together with Executive Group Management, has the overall accountability for the environmental impact of Vattenfall. The environmental policy is approved by the Board of Directors.

Environmental Management Systems are aligned with recognised standards, such as ISO14001 and EMAS. At year-end 2017, 99.9% of our electricity generation and 98.4% of our heat production came from facilities with certified environmental management systems.


Last updated: 2018-10-30 15:00