Environmental policy and management

Environmental performance must be – and is – at the core of our operations and our overall strategy. How well we perform will impact the value of Vattenfall's current and future assets.

Environmental policy

Vattenfall's environmental policy applies throughout the Group. It states that an important part of Vattenfall’s vision is to be among the leaders in developing environmentally sustainable production, supply, and distribution of energy.


  • We strive to be amongst the best in class for each energy source we use and for each type of technology we implement, as well as along the value chain. Our ambition is to be a role model where we are active. 

  • Our investment projects are based on sound assessments, with a balance between environmental and economic impact. From this we do our outmost to choose modern, efficient and environmentally effective technologies and solutions for the investments. 

  • We have set ourselves a target to increase our use of low-emitting energy sources and technologies, such as low carbon dioxide technologies. 

  • We invest in research and development to improve the environmental performance in our operations, to increase the competitiveness of our renewable and low-emitting energy sources and to reduce emissions from all our power plants. 

  • We have a systematic approach towards environmental aspects and risks. This includes making continuous improvements, setting requirements and targets as well as performing reviews. We handle this as an integral part of our management system and have regular strategic discussions within our top management. 

  • We specify and assess environmental performance when selecting suppliers, contractors and business partners. 

  • We engage customers and promote efficient use of energy as a means to reduce environmental impact. 

  • We strive to constantly improve our internal energy efficiency and resource efficiency. 

  • Safety, performance and co-operation are fundamental in our operation. 


Our environmental performance is a foundation for a sound business development and for improving our competitive position. We comply with existing laws, regulations and permits.

By continuous improvements our ambition is to be in the lead in our sector and set a good example in the markets where we are active. Within our sphere of activity, we focus on environmental protection, pollution prevention and human health.

Our actions are characterised by respect for the cultures of the regions in which we operate.

We are committed to maintain an open dialogue concerning the environmental aspects of our management, operations, and products.

We endeavour to provide energy solutions that enable a sustainable development of the society.

Key environmental aspects

Vattenfall handles many different environmental issues and we regard the management of greenhouse gas emissions, air quality, soil protection, land use, water protection, waste management, biodiversity, hydro dam safety, nuclear safety and resource efficiency to be our areas of priority. 

Environmental management system

Vattenfall governs environmental issues at all organisational levels. Environmental performance is a business responsibility and is described in the Vattenfall Management System, which applies for the entire Vattenfall Group.

Environmental Management Systems are aligned with recognised standards, such as ISO14001 and EMAS. The certificates cover over 80 per cent of installed production capacity.

Last updated: 2016-10-11 13:00