Human resources policy and management

Vattenfall strives to provide a workplace in which all of our employees have equal opportunities and tools to develop themselves and thereby develop the company.

To achieve our strategic objectives, we strive to create an organizational structure, culture and leadership that reflect the company's transformation and new business environment.

In order to drive towards an Empowered and engaged organisation, Vattenfall Human Resources policy is focusing on:

  • Healthy, safe and engaging work environment
  • High performance culture
  • Committed and talented people

Five strategic HR focus areas have been developed in order to focus organizational efforts on reaching our targets:

  1. Drive performance culture and excellence
  2. Foster a safe, healthy and engaging work environment
  3. Secure critical competence and talent
  4. Develop excellent leadership
  5. Ensure an efficient and effective HR operation

Organisational responsibility

Staff function Human Resources supports and advises the business on strategic development and strategy execution.

Last updated: 2016-03-31 14:56