Sustainability policy and management

Sustainability is integrated in Vattenfall's group strategy, target-setting and risk management process which involves regions, business areas and Group functions.

Sustainability policies and governance measures are part of Vattenfall's governance system and applied cross-regional across the business.

Vattenfall's promise is to take sustainability into account in all our actions and decision. How we do this is shown in Vattenfall's policies. These include 

the Sustainability policy (PDF 33 kB)

the Environmental policy (PDF 40 kB)

the Code of conduct and integrity (PDF 633 kB)

the Code of conduct for suppliers (PDF 460 kB)

the Health and safety policy (PDF 3 MB)

The policies are regularly reviewed and periodically acknowledged by all employees.

The foundation of sustainability policies are the principles of UN Global Compact and the priority areas set out by Vattenfall's owner the Swedish State. Vattenfall signed the Global Compact in 2008 and the company's sustainability performance is reported yearly according to the Global Reporting Initiative's guidelines to ensure transparency.

Taking sustainability into account – focus on supply chain

The high sustainability demands we put on Vattenfall we also place on Vattenfall's business partners and suppliers. In this way Vattenfall only works with partners that commit to doing business according to international sustainability standards, as addressed in our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

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