Increase renewables capacity

Climate change associated with greenhouse gas emissions is seen as the greatest environmental challenge facing humanity. 

Today's energy system is a large contributor to overall emissions of greenhouse gases.

Our strategy

To be among the leaders in developing environmentally sustainable energy production by reducing the company's CO2 exposure and transforming the production portfolio towards more renewable production.

Our targets

  • Reduce annual CO2 exposure to 21 million tonnes.
  • Commissioned renewables capacity: ≥2,300 MW

Examples of achievements 2015

445 MW of new renewable capacity was installed in 2015:

  • Newly installed capacity consisted mainly of the DanTysk offshore wind farm in Germany
  • The Clashindarroch onshore wind farm in the UK the Klim onshore wind farm in Denmark,
  • The Juktan onshore wind farm in Sweden.
  • The extension of the Kentish Flats offshore wind farm in the UK.

Challenges we have

  • Low prices for CO2 emission allowances encourage the use of solid fossil fuels over gas and biomass.
  • Finding financing solutions which, despite a scaled-back investment framework, enable a high pace of growth in investments in wind power.

Our planned activities

In order to reach the target of reducing the company's CO2 exposure to 21 million tonnes and transform to more renewable production, Vattenfall has divested the lignite operations in Germany.

Vattenfall is also inviting in other investors in an effort to maintain a high pace of growth in renewable electricity generation, particularly in wind power.

CO2 emissions, Mtonnes, 1990–2015

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