Society and stakeholders

Vattenfall is a part of, and a partner to, society. Engagement with our stakeholders is fundamental to delivering the energy that society needs, in ways that society and our stakeholders appreciate.

Therefore, involvement is key to our day-to-day operations, our license to operate and ultimately to the success of our company.

Vattenfall powers homes, businesses, industries and entire cities. We provide opportunities and create substantial value – as a company owned by the Swedish state, as an energy provider, employer and as a business partner.

At the same time, our operations impact people and the environment. We must limit the negative consequences of our operations, and maximise the positive ones. We interact with people to understand their concerns, to find suitable solutions and gain acceptance.

Stakeholders and relationships

Vattenfall interacts with a wide range of stakeholders who have an interest and potential stake in our work, and vice versa. These include:

  • Employees: All employees of the Vattenfall Group, including temporary staff.
  • Customers: All customer segments on all markets in the Vattenfall Group.
  • Suppliers: Primarily first tier suppliers of goods and services to us, but also second tier suppliers. 
  • Owner(s): In Sweden: the state represented by the Ministry of Finance; in the Netherlands: municipalities that are minority-owners of Nuon.
  • Financial markets and investors: Institutional investors.
  • Authorities: Regulatory and supervisory authorities where we operate.
  • NGOs: Environmental and social non-governmental organisations.
  • Society at large: For example local communities, universities and policy-makers.

Stakeholder dialogue

Impact on local communities

Vattenfall brings opportunities and creates substantial value where we operate. At the same time, our operations can have negative consequences, which must be kept to a minimum. Vattenfall works with local communities so that they can benefit from our presence.

Our approach to local communities and nature

Public health and safety

Safety is core to Vattenfall, our operations and, above all, how we affect the world around us. We must always act responsibly so that our operations do not interfere with the health and safety of our employees, the public or everyone else who comes into contact with us.

More about nuclear safety

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