Stakeholder dialogue

Understanding, balancing and responding to the varied and sometimes conflicting priorities of stakeholders is an important part of Vattenfall's responsibility. Engaging with our stakeholders helps us learn what they consider important and what they expect from us.

During 2016 Vattenfall engaged in a number of stakeholder dialogues to increase its understanding of stakeholders' expectations and perceptions at both the local and broader European levels.
A sample of stakeholder dialogues

What is important to whom?

Vattenfall regularly conducts materiality analyses to learn about stakeholders' priorities related to Vattenfall and our operations, and their perception of the company's sustainability efforts.

In 2016, in addition to direct dialogues with our stakeholders on specific issues, we updated our materiality analysis. We contracted an independent third party who interviewed or surveyed close to 1,200 people across all our markets and stakeholder groups in order to get a holistic perspective on the impacts Vattenfall has on its stakeholders and the accompanying expectations they have for us.
More about materiality assessment


Stakeholder feedback generally confirmed our existing strategic objectives, however a number of issues have gained in importance. Issues of increasing importance include protecting human rights, engaging with local communities, investing in innovation, and being more open and transparent.

Initiatives and memberships

The Vattenfall Group endorses, and is part of, several sustainability initiatives and organisations:        

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