The stakeholder dialogue gives Vattenfall an understanding of and insights into the priorities that the company must set in order to gradually reduce its negative impacts and increase its positive impacts on the environment and communities. Fulfilling these expectations and being transparent enables Vattenfall to be a more sustainable company.

We involve stakeholders in many decision-making processes, especially people living close to our plants, dams or mines.

We have identified our stakeholders by mapping our company’s impact on various groups, and how these groups influence us. Vattenfall's stakeholders are citizens and customers, the owner, political decision-makers and regulators, NGOs, capital providers, the media, suppliers, and employees.

Engaging with stakeholders

Understanding, balancing and responding to the varied and sometimes conflicting priorities of stakeholders is an important part of Vattenfall's responsibility. Engaging with our stakeholders helps us learn what they consider important and what they expect from us.

During 2015 Vattenfall engaged in a number of stakeholder dialogues to increase its understanding of stakeholders' expectations and perceptions at both the local and broader European levels. The outcomes of these dialogues have been used to further enhance and sharpen Vattenfall's strategic focus.

What is important to whom?

Vattenfall regularly conducts materiality analyses to learn about stakeholders’ priorities related to Vattenfall and our operations, and their perception of the company’s sustainability efforts.

Based on the survey conducted in 2013 and stakeholder dialogues carried out during the last two years, Vattenfall has concluded that its sustainability focus will essentially remain the same, but has slightly revised the structure to better meet stakeholder expectations. This has resulted in a change from ten to seven sustainability focus areas:

  • Offer customers solutions that enable sustainable use of energy
  • Increase renewables
  • Reduce emissions
  • Increase resource efficiency
  • Take responsibility for our impacts on local communities and nature
  • Responsible sourcing & purchasing
  • Focus on our people

These focus areas are an integral part of Vattenfall's strategy.

Initiatives and memberships

The Vattenfall Group endorses, and is part of, several sustainability initiatives and organisations:        

Get in touch

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