Respecting human rights

At Vattenfall we recognise that businesses have a responsibility to respect all internationally recognised human rights and we aim to make a positive contribution thereon.

Vattenfall has a number of policies governing us and our suppliers with reference to, for example:

The International Bill of Human rights (PDF 55 kB)

The ILO Core conventions

The OECD guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and

The UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (UNGP) (PDF 1 MB).

We have stated our commitment to respect human rights in our

Group-wide Code of conduct and integrity (PDF 633 kB)

Code of conduct for suppliers (PDF 460 kB)

Statement on slavery and human rights (in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act) (PDF 1 MB)

Human rights statement (PDF 277 kB)

Addressing our human rights impacts

Vattenfall recognises that we must take steps to identify, prevent, mitigate and remedy potential and actual negative human rights impacts throughout our value chain. This is done on the basis of our impacts in terms of cause, contribution and linkage. We perform human rights impacts and risk screenings throughout our value chain together with an independent third party.

Our salient issues

The latest screening showed that our highest direct and indirect risks, also referred to as "salient risks" are:

  • Direct risks through our own operations: privacy (personal data and information related to customers and employees), local community livelihood and indigenous peoples in Northern Sweden.
  • Indirect risks through our supply chain: working conditions, subcontractors'/suppliers' working conditions, environmental impact (for example air and water pollution), local community livelihood and indigenous people, in particular in high risk countries.

Implementation mechanism

Working with human rights is a cycle consisting of four steps:

  • Engage with affected stakeholders
  • Identify and assess Impacts
  • Respond to Impacts
  • Track performance



At Vattenfall, we recognise that working with human rights is an ongoing process and continuous learning.

  • We have established an integrated and ongoing process in the company to identify, prevent and manage human rights risks and opportunities such as due diligence.

  • We regularly conduct a structured dialogue with our stakeholders:
    New report on human rights risks in Colombia

    Vattenfall talks to stakeholders in Colombia

  • We cooperate and discuss with other relevant companies and organisations on common human rights challenge

  • We have a whistle blowing system that is available to personnel and interested parties, including all stakeholders, to make comments, recommendations, reports, or complaints concerning the human rights.
Last updated: 2018-09-04 09:13