Customer solutions that enable sustainable use of energy

Together, we can help reduce the negative impacts of energy consumption through sustainable energy use.

Our strategy

To offer the best value to every customer in each market.

Our products

Vattenfall provides a wide range of energy solutions to give customers tools for more sustainable and efficient energy consumption. Vattenfall's offerings and interactions vary from market to market, but the overall focus is on charging solutions (e-mobility, for example charging boxes and charging stations), smart home/facility management (for example EnergyWatch, smart plugs), decentralised generation and online customer interaction models.

For more information, please see our local websites.

Swedish Sales website
Dutch website – renewable energy
Dutch website – energy saving
German website – energy saving

Our targets

Vattenfall is striving to maintain a long-term Customer Satisfaction Index of 75.

Trend in Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
2011 66
2012 69
2013 69
2014 70
2015 69

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Examples of achievements 2015

  • Vattenfall developed the wireless charging stations and provided renewable electricity for a demonstration project with plug-in hybrid buses in regular bus traffic in Stockholm.
  • We won the tender for operation of charging infrastructure in the cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht.
  • We introduced a pilot offering of an innovative solar leasing solution for private customers in the Netherlands.
  • Vattenfall expanded the functionality of our smart home solutions in Germany.
  • Vattenfall developed a unique technology for remote control of outdoor street lighting in cities and public areas.

Challenges we have

Smart and sustainable energy solutions are relatively new and differ from traditional production operations, both with respect to expertise and business models.

Our planned activities

  1. To increase the customer experience, Vattenfall will intensify its work on improving customers’ digital interaction and make it possible for customers to choose how to do business with Vattenfall, making the process more personalised. Improved web services for business customers will also be introduced.

  2. In 2016 Vattenfall plans to continue growing in the German, Finnish and French markets as well to consolidate its market position in other markets. New energy solutions within decentralised generation will be introduced, and new ways of interacting with customers will be tested and implemented. Offers to business customers will be further broadened with energy solutions, for example smart facility solutions for energy efficiency and small scale energy production.

  3. Uppsala and carbon neutrality in the Nordics by 2030.

Our initiatives

We have a number of projects that contribute to reducing energy consumption on a broader scale.

The One Tonne Life project

To show people that their everyday lives can inspire positive change, we took part in the project One Tonne Life. The aim of the project was to see if a family can reduce their carbon emissions from 7.3 tonnes each per year to one tonne.

The test family moved into a house built with the latest technology – special insulation, rooftop solar panels, composting and more. Among other things, Vattenfall contributed with Energy Watch – the heart and mind of the house – which helped the family significantly reduce their environmental impact.
Read more about One Tonne Life and its results

Sustainable cities

Cities take up just two per cent of the earth’s surface, but they are the home to 50 per cent of the world’s population – and urbanisation is speeding up. What is more, by 2050 cities will be responsible for three-quarters of the world’s energy use and related carbon emissions. If we are to have a sustainable planet, we must begin with sustainable cities. Vattenfall’s Sustainable Cities initiative reviews entire energy systems and offers total overview of a city’s energy use.
Read more about Sustainable cities

Electric mobility

Transportation accounts for one-third of the world's energy consumption. This makes the transportation sector central in the creation of a smarter energy system. Vattenfall believes that electric mobility will contribute to solving many of the challenges we face today with regards to energy use and urbanisation.

We have already invested more than 100 million Euros in electric mobility and we will stay committed to developing and adapting solutions for our different markets.
Read more about electric mobility

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