The Netherlands

Vattenfall's Dutch subsidiary Nuon listens to its customers and understands their needs. Nuon provides solutions they want.

In our energy production for the Dutch market, we concentrate on wind and solar energy. For a stable and reliable supply of energy, we still use both sustainable and fossil sources but focus on increasing sustainable energy.

In the Netherlands, Vattenfall produces and supplies electricity, gas, heat and cooling. Through partnerships, including large corporations and municipalities, we help customers achieve their sustainability targets in terms of energy. And we help customers reduce their energy consumption. We serve over 2 million electricity customers and approximately 1.7 million gas customers in the Netherlands.

Leading position in the Netherlands

Through its Dutch subsidiary Nuon, Vattenfall is:

  • the largest electricity supplier
  • the largest supplier of retail gas, based on the numbers of consumers
  • the third largest electricity generator
  • the second largest heat producer

We have our own gas storage facility in Epe, Germany, which makes it possible to respond flexibly to daily fluctuations in supply and demand on the gas market.

We are among the largest producers of electricity in the Netherlands, including RWE/Essent, Uniper, Engie/Electrabel and Eneco.

Vattenfall's history in the Netherlands

2009 – Vattenfall AB acquired 49 per cent of the Noun shares from the previous owners, a number of Dutch provinces and cities. Vattenfall currently owns 67 per cent.

July 2013 and 2015 – Vattenfall AB acquires the remaining 33 per cent in two tranches.

More about Vattenfall's history

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